Chris Barnes


Chris Barnes
Chris Barnes

We speak about starting a comedy comedy at the young age of 17,
His role with Stand Up NY, one of New York’s longest running comedy clubs,
And how surreal it is to share the same stage as so many comedy legends.

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from American Stand-up Comedian, Chris Barnes.

We kick off the interview and speak about where Chris is from, Long Island. He’s our second Long Islander is less than a month, which is pretty mad.

We speak about what Chris did in college and how it helps him with his role at Stand Up NY, one of New York’s longest running comedy clubs.

We talk about how and why Chris got into comedy and how he started it all off at the tender age of 17. That lead us on to discuss how even though he was too young to be served a beer in the clubs he was gigging in that the other comics were really supportive of such a young person getting into stand-up.

We chat then about gigging in some legendary comedy clubs in New York and just how surreal it must be to thread the same stage as your comic heroes.

We speak some more about Stand UP NY then, Chris’ role in the club and how he became involved with them.

We get nerdy then on Chris’ writing process and Chris walks me through how he works on his jokes, trying to constantly improve on them and how many times he’ll give a joke before binning it if it’s not getting the laughs he wants.

Chris falls into that dreaded label of being a ‘millennial’ and we have a natter about that and how it seems that they get blamed for just about everything even though it’s not their fault that the older generations have fucked things up so royally for them.

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