Liam Breunle

Liam Breunle

Liam Breunle
Liam Breunle

Liam Breunle with The Comedy Cast.

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from American stand-up comedian, Liam Breunle.

I came across Liam a few weeks ago on Instagram and when I read his bio I knew I had to get him on the show. Here it is: “Former accounts receivable for the Italian Mafia, Felon, ex-WWF wrestler, Biker…Comedian, What the hell…right?” Now if that doesn’t grab you as interesting then we’re very, very different.

We speak about Liam’s past, how he was a successful wrestler, how that led to him working for the Italian mafia, after a brief stint in prison. We speak about how he was framed for murder by cops and ended up in prison again, this time for more than 4 years and how it nearly killed him.

Liam talks about the trauma he went through as a child, being adopted and victim of child abuse. We speak too about him suffering from PTSD thanks to his times in prison.

We chat then about how Liam got into comedy, how he’s always been an avid reader and a sponge for learning.

We speak about his time with the WWF and we speak too about what American prisons are really like and if how they’re depicted on TV is anything like the reality.

We talk about Liam’s comedy and how he uses his appearance and image to really mess with the audience.

Don’t forget to check out the YouTube channel and you can watch both of us speaking.

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