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Tom Moran


Tom Moran
Tom Moran

Tom Moran with The Comedy Cast.

We speak about Tom’s wildly successful podcast, Personality Bingo, his self-penned web series Fix Me, being a member of the Facts YouTube Channel and what he was expected to do to get a flat on Dublin’s Capel Street.

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from Irish actor, comedian and writer Tom Moran.

We kick off the interview speaking about a favourite of Irishmen when they get talking; the weather. We get onto living in Dublin then and Tom tells a mad story about what he was expected to do to get a flat on Dublin’s Capel Street.

Tom hosts the wildly successful podcast Personality Bingo, so we speak about the idea behind the show and how it’s been going.

We get talking then about Tom’s web series Fix Me, we get deep on it and talk about the writing of it and the challenge of writing about a therapist and a patient.

Tom is also a contributing memeber of the Facts Channel. You will probably know about them by now having had a few guests on from the crazily successful YouTube channel, so we get talking about that, how he got involved and what he likes about it.
We dug a bit deeper on the subject too and we pondered upon why tradition media outlets don’t try to get successful new media types on board.

We turn the subject then to The Belly Button Girl, a one man play Tom wrote and performed last year. He reveals it’s been booked again for this year so we speak about it and the process of getting it from script to stage.

Finally then we speak about Tom’s comedic influences growing up and what comedians he looks up to now.

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