Travis Jay

Travis Jay

Travis Jay
Travis Jay

Travis Jay with The Comedy Cast.

We speak about silent Tory supporters,
Growing up in a house of comedy,
and his recent Rocky-like comeback in a charity boxing match.

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from English stand-up comedian, Travis Jay.

We kick off the interview and we speak about Travis’ heritage and some of the stories his immigrant grandparents told him about coming to Britain from The Caribbean. We speak too about the silent Tory supporters and how social media is a terrible indicator for what’s happening in the real world.

We speak about growing up in a house of comedy. Travis’ mother is none other than Angie Le Mar, so we speak about being the son of a successful comedian and about the moment when he realised that she wasn’t just a mother to him but was in fact, a successful comedian. The conversation then turns to us speaking about what kind of pressures that brought on Travis when he started comedy, both internally and externally.

Travis almost became a professional basketball player before he got into comedy, so we speak about that for a bit. Travis also reveals that while in college he wrote a lot of poetry and kind of stumbled into comedy.

We talk then for a bit about how comedians are always chasing the high in stand-up comedy, how you’re always trying to get that perfect night when everything is funny and the crowd adores you.

We chat about Travis’ first gig, where it was, some of the jokes he remembered and how it went.

Earlier this year Travis took part in a charity boxing match, so we really get into this, what it involved, the training, who the charity was, why he wanted to box and most importantly the actual match. I’m won’t bullshit you folks it was pretty amazing. I’ll add the YouTube footage below and you can see the Rocky parallels for yourselves. I was blown away when I saw it first and it was so cool to speak to Travis about it.

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